Several Business Destroyed by Fire in Clark County

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July 27th, 2023

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Late Tuesday night, on June 7th, flames tore through a large industrial structure in Clark County, Washington, destroying at least seven of twelve units. Employees reported the smell of smoke and called 911. When rescue workers arrived, flames had already consumed the building, and they promptly upgraded the fire to a two-alarm fire.

businesses destroyed by fire in clark county
Picture above of fire district crews spraying water on the fire from above.

There were nine fire trucks, two Battalion Chiefs, two squads, and one training rig from the Vancouver Fire Department and Clark Cowlitz Fire Rescue to assist with this fire. During the fire, a blast occurred that sent metal flying into the parking lot, causing damage to vehicles in the lot, including a fire truck. Rescue workers took a defensive approach to prevent the spreading of the nearby buildings.

The picture above is what is left of the building after the fire.

The fire at the 11,000 ft2 building caused an estimated $2 million in damage. The fire mostly burnt away the building’s interior walls and roof, leaving only the frame of the structure. Some of the businesses that were affected are Fox Coating and Harlen’s Drywall. Fire fighters were successful in preventing fire spread to nearby buildings on the street. The Fire Marshall will continue to investigate the cause of the fire. There are no injuries reported at this time.

Buildings affected by the fire at Whipple Creek Business Park 14615 NE 13th.

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