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Risk Logic has an experienced staff of engineers that provide risk assessments for the insurance industry. Our customers include insurance carriers, brokers, and insureds. We average 28 years of experience per engineer. Below are the occupancies where we have skilled technical expertise.

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Risk Logic (RLI) is a consulting engineering company that provides Property Loss Prevention Services globally.

Our engineers visit large commercial properties and soft occupancies to conduct a thorough review of process and natural hazards. This will include reviewing the Construction of the facility, the Occupancy hazards, how well the site is Protected and what Exposures exist externally.

The review also includes an evaluation of property formidability from natural catastrophes such as earthquake, windstorm, hail, and flood. This “COPE” approach to assessing risk within a facility is key. We review the COPE, Business Interruption Hazards and Preventive Maintenance Programs to determine the Risk Quality of the site.

A company review is also performed to better understand the Company Risk Exposures. Analysis of risk grading, recommendations and loss expectancies allow for an in-depth review process that can provide meaningful insight on a company’s risk profile and ability for risk retention.

The RMIS portal allows users to view all comprehensive property information across an entire account, and at individual sites.

Education and training in Property Loss Prevention are essential for the development of engineers in our field.  We stay current with new codes and updates to FM Global and NFPA Standards. Our staff is trained monthly on the newest technology and updated standards in our field.

Our detailed technical report is accepted and respected by the insurance community because of its non-biased analysis and engineering detail.

Industries and Occupancies:

Airports / Aviation Services
Boiler & Machinery
Bulk Grain Handling
Business Interruption Assessments
Casualty Loss Control
Coastal Properties
Data Centers
Dust Hazard Analysis
Electrical Equipment Hazards
Flood Analysis
Food and Meat Processing
Furniture Manufacturing
Glass Manufacturing
High Piled Storage Permits
High-Rise Buildings
Hospitals and Medical Centers

Molten Metals
Motor Vehicle Assembly
Plastics Manufacturing
Power and Utility Plants
Printing and Publishing
Pulp and Paper Manufacturing
RMS Primary & Secondary Factors
Semiconductor Manufacturing
Textile Manufacturing
Waste-Water Treatment Plants
Windstorm Analysis
Wood Working and Lumber Mills