Risk Management Information System (RMIS)

With our online RMIS portal, clients can access real-time account information for individual locations. The system provides property data with mapping capabilities and a survey report database. Data mining tools such as Risk Improvement Recommendations, Loss Estimates, COPE information, and more are included.

RMIS Brochure

What is the RMIS portal?

The RMIS portal (Risk Management Information System) is a user-friendly database that provides property data in real time. This cloud-based database allows users to view comprehensive property information across an entire account, and at individual sites. With access to the portal, clients can view and respond to recommendations and live survey information. RMIS utilizes Microsoft SharePoint data encryption technology and is secured by personal password protection.

What’s Possible with the RMIS Platform?

The RMIS platform provides easy access to view all open recommendation details, provide updates, and add photos to support your status. RMIS is equipped with mapping capabilities, a report database, and data mining tools such as Risk Improvement Recommendations, Loss Estimates, Risk Scoring and more.

RMIS Real-Time Assessments

Analytical charts are available in real-time, including survey documents. Interactive client portals, such as the customized desktop and mobile applications, allow live recommendation tracking.

RMIS Data Analytics

The RMIS portal provides a convenient digitization of all account/portfolio data, along with risk scoring and benchmarking metrics. This data can be accessed for individual locations and across entire accounts.



Risk Logic engineers utilize the Report Writer Application while completing site inspections. This function of RMIS allows for real-time data transfer, reduces report writing time, and ultimately reduces engineering fees for our clients.”