Engineers- North America

Risk Logic Inc. (RLI) is a consulting engineering company that provides Loss Prevention Services. Since 1997, we have been working in regions all over the world utilizing the most advanced and current standards.

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Risk Logic in North America

Risk Logic has engineers and regional offices throughout North America (in all time zones) ready to provide risk engineering services in a cost-effective, timely and professional manner.

Our engineers visit large commercial properties to conduct a thorough review of process and natural hazards and catastrophes such as earthquake, windstorm, hail, and flood.

This will include reviewing the Construction of the facility, the Occupancy hazards, how well the site is Protected and what Exposures exist externally (the “COPE” approach). We also assess the Business Interruption Hazards and Preventive Maintenance Programs to determine the Risk Quality of the site.

Location of Engineers in North America