Risk Logic Inc. (RLI) is a consulting engineering company that provides Loss Prevention Services. Since 1997, we have been working in regions all over the world utilizing the most advanced and current standards.

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We focus on leveraging our experience and technical knowledge of FM Global and NFPA Standards to reduce risk and exposures at large commercial and industrial properties, as well as smaller soft occupancies.

We work closely with Insurance Companies, Brokers, Risk Managers and local Plant Managers and look beyond codes and Insurance Company requirements to help develop solutions that are practical, effective, and economical.

We like to think of our company as an extension of the Risk Management or Loss Control Departments for our clients. Our business operations are set up on a global basis, and has been a successful operation because of our dedication to quality engineering services for our customers

Our engineers have an average of 28+ years’ experience. The majority of engineers have previous experience and training working as Property Loss Prevention Consultants for FM Global or IRI. Most are Professional Engineers or have their CFPS designation.

Our detailed technical report is accepted and respected by the insurance community because of its non-biased analysis and engineering detail.

The new online RMIS portal allows clients to access real-time account information and property data in real time, and is one of many practical solutions provided by Risk Logic.




John Durante
Rich Cardile
Evan Fitzgerald
Parthiv Dangodara
Greg Daniels
Rob Lennon

Mr. John Durante, P.E.

John started Risk Logic in 1997. He has been working in the engineering consulting industry and providing property loss prevention services for over 25 years. His prior experience included working for FM Global, Tokio Marine and Aon. He was able to combine his knowledge and expertise from all three industries (Engineering Consulting, Commercial Property Insurance, and the Brokerage Industry) to build Risk Logic into a successful company.

“What’s important in running a business is providing quality service. Our customers seek us out. They hear from industry peers about Risk Logic. Providing a product utilizing highly experienced engineers that adds value… that’s what we do.”

Mr. Rich Cardile, P.E.

Rich is the Engineering Manager for Risk Logic and joined the company in 1998. His prior experience included working at FM Global, and he has been working in the property loss control industry for 30 years. Rich is a detail-oriented engineer, and an excellent leader in the field of Property Loss Prevention. He will thoroughly research standards and codes to make sure his engineers provide the highest quality product.

Mr. Evan Fitzgerald, CFPS, .P.E.

Evan joined Risk Logic in 2019. He previously worked at FM Global for almost 10 years and now brings a fresh set of ideas to Risk Logic. His personality and positive attitude make him a favorite of all Risk Logic customers. Evan’s responsibilities include managing the company’s engineering network and providing technical review to ensure consistency and technical precision are achieved in all Risk Logic reports.

Mr. Mason Reedy

Mason joined Risk Logic in December 2020 and is based in Dallas, TX. He brings a wealth of energy and international experience to the Risk Logic team. Mason has over 10 years of experience with property loss prevention, previously working at AIG and an unbundled loss prevention service provider in North America and South Asia. He is experienced in heavy manufacturing risk assessments and is a natural catastrophe mitigation expert. In addition to his technical background, Mason has extensive computer and programming skills. He developed several engineering applications throughout his career.

Mr. Parthiv Dangodara, M.Sc.,PE

Parthiv joined Risk Logic in 2022. He has been working in the property loss control industry for over 31 years and his experience includes years with FM Global, AIG, and Motorola, as well as an independent consultant to many carriers.
He has worked across a vast array of occupancies while conducting hundreds of field surveys and forensic loss investigations. In addition to his property loss prevention expertise, he also has vast supply chain experience, led as technical leader at the previous companies, and is a recognized windstorm specialist in the loss prevention and construction industries. He has served on committees and investigation teams, authored several company standards, led engineer training classes, spoken at conferences, created training tools, mentored new engineers, and conducted special wind projects.

Mr. Greg Daniel

Greg joined Risk Logic in 2022 as a Senior Engineering Specialist based in Southern California. Prior to joining Risk Logic, Greg worked at FM Global for over 6 years. While there, he was a natural hazard specialist and was trained in both equipment and facility hazards. In addition to conducting surveys and being an account executive, he provides technical guidance to the field engineers.

Mr. Rob Lennon

Rob joined Risk Logic in 2021 and is based in New Jersey. Prior to joining Risk Logic, Rob worked at FM Global for 10 years. While there, he held positions as a field engineer and account engineer. Rob’s current responsibilities include being an account executive, conducting surveys, and providing technical review to ensure consistency and technical precision are achieved in all Risk Logic reports.


Risk Logic began in Hoboken, NJ in 1997 when founder John Durante had the idea to start a business that could provide property loss prevention consulting services directly to the consumer. The goal was to provide experienced engineering consulting services that offered value. There would be no affiliation with large insurance companies or brokers: Risk Logic would be a completely unbundled company that could provide high-quality engineering, at a reasonable cost to its customers.

One engineer in 1997 soon became two in 1998, and the growth continued.

Today, there are over 100 engineers working for Risk Logic, which has expanded into a multinational company providing property loss prevention services globally. Our engineers average over 28 years of experience, and most have previously worked for large HPR insurance carriers such as FM Global and IRI.

The company is run by five engineers who understand the ideas of value, experience, and working hard to achieve success.